ActiveCharts is the graphical viewing and analysis tool for pig professionals. The system can be configured to log data such as temperature, feed and water consumption. Viewing data is as easy as point and click and provides daily updates about key parameters.

Charts can be tailored to your production system with room specific data depending on what data is being collected.

Typical parameters include;

Temperature, Electricity, Humidity, Pig Weight, Wind Direction, Water Flow, Ventilation, Air Quality, Rainfall, Feed Flow, Light Level, Feed Bin Weight, Wind Speed.


Understanding water intake is crucial. Not only is the volume of water consumption closely related to intake and therefore growth but the pattern gives us useful insights into behaviour. Variations can indicate the presence of subclinical disease and other health problems.



Feed is the costliest part of your operation and therefore maximising feed efficiency is key. By understanding how much your pigs are eating and when, you can better manage what changes can be made to maximise efficiency. If you have GrowthSensor installed on site, real time-average daily gain and feed conversion become available.



We monitor external temperature, set temperature in the shed as programmed by you, and the temperature of multiple sensors in the building. These graphs provide a clear picture of how effective temperature control is within an airspace. This ensures optimal climate and therefore performance from your pigs.


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Latest News

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    Farmex recently attended the National Pig Awards and were the proud recipients of the Allied Industries Group ''Member of the Year"