BetterScore is a real-time data scoring and flexible notification system. Variability in feed and water consumption as well as room temperature can significantly affect the growth performance of your pigs, so BetterScore continuously analyses and evaluates these parameters and scores them on a daily basis. BetterScore can also be up to trigger phone, text or email notifications when a significant increase in variability is detected so you are aware when a problem arises.

BetterScore will:

  • Provide real-time scoring and notifications
  • Identify variations in feed and water intake and temperature
  • Ongoing evaluation and daily scores
  • Continuously evaluate and score your data




Benefits of BetterScore

Daily trends in feed and water consumption give us important information on the health, growth performance as well as the welfare of pigs. By monitoring these data trends, potential health problems can be flagged and investigated prior to the onset of symptoms, providing an opportunity for early treatment.



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