Chinese Look West for Expert Help

A Snapshot from the Delegate conference.

Sept 04, 2017

Chinese Look West for Expert Help

Hugh Crabtree made two more trips to China in June this year in response to requests for technical expertise. The second trip included speaking to an audience of 200 customers of the company he visited. Delegates were hosted at the impressive new headquarters of the company in Guigang not too far from the Vietnam border. For those with a long history in the UK pig industry a couple of the other faces on the big screen might also be familiar. Bernie Peet and Mick Evans.

Discussions with the Chinese company are progressing but it is the Chinese way to take time to establish relations with prospective collaborators before commencing any business. The prospects are good but at least one old proverb seems appropriate: “There’s many a slip between cup and lip”. Surprisingly perhaps, there may well be opportunities for hardware export to China. A number of European companies are already well down the road of sending electronics east – coal to Newcastle?!

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