You can’t be everywhere at once but with SiteMap you can view your site in real-time on any device with an internet connection. Animated icons, let you see your systems are working and how well. Site Map is a scaled drawing of your site and can be modified as your site changes, so it will always be accurate.

SiteMap will:

  • Provide a remote overview of your entire site
  • Give you real-time information
  • Allow you to assess your site’s performance
  • Provide scalability as your site develops

Features and Benefits of SiteMap

SiteMap is based on accurate scaled drawings that can be adapted as and when new units are constucted or demolished. A clear layout and individually labelled rooms means that seeing and responding to a problem on site is easy, this is particulary useful on larger farms.

A range of live indicators are available depending on what systems you are monitoring. These include;

  • Room temperature
  • Set temperature
  • Fans
  • Creep temperature
  • Feed Auger
  • Heaters
  • Water

… and many more!

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Latest News

  • We are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote data monitoring system, BarnReport Pro!

  • NPA awards
    Farmex recently attended the National Pig Awards and were the proud recipients of the Allied Industries Group ''Member of the Year"