TrackGrowth allows you to view the weight, average daily gain and feed conversions of your pigs on a daily or even hourly basis. Using the GrowthSensor, an in-pen voluntary access scale, you can see how your pigs are performing in real time. Data can be viewed in charts and tables, allowing you to make timely management decisions using accurate, live data rather relying on historic data.

About GrowthSensor

The Growth Sensor is an in-pen voluntary weigh scale developed by A.R.M Buildings, Dicam Technology and Farmex. It continuously records the animals’ weight as they wander in and out the of the scales. This is sent wirelessly to the computer network and then to an online database.

Features and Benefits of TrackGrowth

TrackGrowth allows you to view weights, average daily gain and feed conversion in real-time: a first for pig production! Weight data is presented in both graphs and tables which are easy to understand and interpret.

TrackGrowth can also provide invaluable information to nutritionists and vets so they can make informed decisions about your pigs. So whether you’d like to see how your pigs are performing while they are still growing, or perhaps you just want to know when your first pigs reaches slaughter weight, TrackGrowth can do all of this.

While optimum system performance is achieved using both TrackGrowth, other types of weighing systems including other weigh scales and visual image analysis can also be integrated into BarnReport Pro.


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Latest News

  • We are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote data monitoring system, BarnReport Pro!

  • NPA awards
    Farmex recently attended the National Pig Awards and were the proud recipients of the Allied Industries Group ''Member of the Year"